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Long Live Your Content!

LinkedInHere we are on Friday afternoon and I was thinking about all the ways social media affects my sales and marketing efforts. I have come to the conclusion that for a B2B marketer, there are some platforms that work better than others. For me, it’s video and LinkedIn. Why? Because my content lives much longer here. A tweet has a short shelf life, unless constantly re-tweeted; even then the very nature of short attention publishing on Twitter leads me to believe that nothing has a long run in 140 characters or less.

Video on YouTube however, can live for years. I have a tendency to look up old commercials from the 50s and 60s to watch on YouTube; giving life to products older than me!

LinkedIn is another place I love to frequent. Great advice, while  some say a “stalker” platform, I find much more good than evil there. One can build a solid profile that is searchable and builds credibility over time. Salespeople can build trust 24/7 simply by posting a robust online persona. One person I love to follow and read about is Viveka Von Rosen and her LinkedIntoBusiness site. She’s an expert on all levels of LinkedIn.

B2B marketer wondering how, when and why to start with social platforms?  Start with the ones that have everlasting life!