Prezi needs to get into the Present!

Yo all,

Back for another 50-somthing rant…today Prezi

I signed up for a new Prezi account and even purchased some material on training for this new (fairly) presentation platform. The Website looks awesome and the breadth of presentations on their database is astounding. What’s not so cool?  All of the training, tutorials and other stuff contained in the Prezi manual are based on the “Classic” format of Prezi.

Well, now there’s a new and improved version of the Prezi canvas and tools….but every training element is in the old format. Which for me is totally useless. There are a multitude of training tools for Prezi….NONE using the new format.

Hey, Prezi! Get it together. Before launching a totally new format, make damn sure your training (embedded in your Website) is current. Nothing pisses off a new customer more than insufficient training on your product. You and all your in-house geeks can surely navigate the new canvas and tools. Anyone signing up recently will most certainly be lost.


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2 responses to “Prezi needs to get into the Present!

  • Russell (aka The Prezenter)

    I hope this doesn’t cause you to rant even more, but if it helps offers online Prezi training in the new interface of course.

    The catch – well it’s an additional cost obviously, but please don’t rant about us we are good people 😉

  • Russell (aka The Prezenter)

    Wow that sounds bad.

    As you rightly said the book was written when the classic version of Prezi was alive and kicking. We didn’t actually even know about a new interface back then so a real shame.

    Although I’m not an employee of Prezi I do know that they are doing all they can to help business users like yourself right now. Those users who don’t have much time, and are under a lot of pressure.

    Anyway, I hope you can rekindle your love for Prezi at some stage, and like I said the online training my company provides is entirely in the new interface.

    Love the blog btw

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